Melissa & Doug Wooden Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter with Deli Slicer

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Unleash the culinary creativity of your little ones with the Melissa & Doug Wooden Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter – a delightful 56-piece pretend play wooden food toy set that transforms playtime into a fun and interactive kitchen experience. Designed for toddlers and kids ages 3 and up, this imaginative playset is perfect for fostering creativity, social skills, and early learning.

The Wooden Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter features a variety of realistic wooden play food pieces, including different types of bread, meats, cheeses, and toppings. Little chefs can explore endless combinations, creating custom sandwiches and mastering the art of sandwich-making with the included wooden deli slicer.

The set comes complete with a wooden sandwich counter, enhancing the pretend play experience by providing a dedicated space for assembling and serving delicious creations. The interactive design encourages fine motor skills as children use the slicer to cut through the wooden ingredients, adding an extra layer of engagement to the play.

With 56 high-quality wooden pieces, this playset offers a diverse selection of ingredients for imaginative culinary adventures. The vibrant and detailed food items provide a realistic and visually appealing experience, capturing the essence of a bustling deli counter.

The Melissa & Doug Wooden Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter not only inspires hours of creative play but also promotes important developmental skills. Children can practice counting, sorting, and social interaction as they take on roles of chefs, customers, or both in this dynamic play scenario.

Bring the joy of pretend play and culinary exploration to your child’s playtime with the Melissa & Doug Wooden Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter. With its high-quality wooden construction and thoughtful design, this kitchen food set is a perfect addition to any play kitchen, fostering a love for imaginative play and early learning.


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